Friday, December 30, 2011

New Years!

Today is Friday and I usually count my blessings, but I decided to do something different. We all know that the new year is coming up. 2012! Wow how time flies. It is always wise to make resolutions for our lives. "If you aim at nothing, you will hit it every time." - Zig Ziglar  I found this quote to be so true. 

My first new years resolution is to read the Bible twice this year. I hope to start to on January 1 and in ninety days finish it. Then, I will take a mini "break'' and then read it all over again.

I want to memorize a scripture a month and put that scripture to action in my life.

I want to read a devotional book. I want to actually finish it (I usually start these but do not finish them).

I want to perfect and actually speak spanish. I enjoy the fact of being bilingual. I understand two languages, and can speak both but for some reason choose not to.

This next goal may seem weird. I want to buy myself something. I am the type of person who saves all of her money, but never really spends it. If you look at my money it is a little amount (I have know idea where my money goes?)

I would like to save up for something, maybe for my future or a good cause.

I want to do much better in Homeschool. All of my work will count towards my future... College.

I would like to bake some delicious chocolate chip cookies. My first try... came out weird. HELP!

My hair is very thick and I have so much of it that I will try to do some different things to it. I usually have a side part with a side pony tail, or a side part with a side braid.

I am really trying to learn to play the piano. I even borrowed a great book from the library. I do not hope to be like Mozart but much better than I am now.   Anything is possible with God.

I want to be able to type without glancing at the keyboard.

I want to write down all my experiences with the Lord, petitions and answers and dreams down. Thanks to Yecenia I have a new place to jot them down.

I have a 12 goals for 2012! I might have more to add but these are it for now. Some may seem weird or petty but a goal is a goal. It is my desire to finish these goals out. I hope everyone will have a  peace filled, blessing pourin', hallelujah new year! 

Happy New Years To You All! 

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Book Review- The Christmas Singing

Photo Credit:
Mattie Eash is a very successful and independent woman. Her cake decorating business is doing really well. She is in a smooth relationship with a man who loves her.  She is surrounded by her brothers' loving family in Ohio. As Christmas draws near her heart continues to remember her hurtful breakup, by her childhood friend Gideon Beiler, On Christmas eve. 

Gideon has loved Mattie ever since they were children and can not stop loving her now, even after he hurt her. He believes that because of an unexpected situation in his life he was right to leave Mattie. He knows that telling her the truth at that time would have caused her more pain than his break up.

After an unforeseen tragedy occurs, Mattie is forced to return to her childhood home. She hates the fact of leaving everything that is familiar to her, her bakery, beau, and family. She is even less reluctant to see Gideon again. She wants nothing to do with the man that hurt her. As her stay in Apple Ridge lengthens she is constantly seeing Gideon. She is even remembering all the sweet childhood memories with her best friend. Why is her heart yearning for someone who does not want her? Who hurt her?

Gideon knows he has to tell Mattie the truth, but does not feel he is ready. Will certain people and situations force the truth into the light? Journey with these loving characters through the perilous journey of love, forgiveness, hate and  second chances.

I thought this was a very heartwarming story. The plot of the story was very interesting. This book was definitely a page turner. I would have loved for the actual story to have been longer. This book had a collaboration of clean romance, sad moments, and very worthwhile meditations. This book teaches people to live their life to the full in Christ because we do not know when we will leave. The book ended way to fast for my liking. However, I did enjoy the fact that the book had a crisp and good ending. The ending did not leave you wondering. I think that overall Cindy Woodsmall did an excellent job writing this small novel. I would recommend this book to all those who are first starting to read Amish books, and those who want a small good read. I would give this book 4 stars.

I received this book for free from Waterbrook Multnomah for this review. If you would like to purchase this book you may do so at CBD or Amazon.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Count Your Blessings

Praise the Lord! I had an average week. 

The 19 my parents celebrated their 9 year anniversary. 

Tuesday after homeschool we went to the library. We looked around in the holiday book sale.

Wednesday was a regular homeschool day. We visited a family's home from church. We were served delicious strudel muffins. My little sister also got two new "Christmas" dresses.

Thursday was when I had my bug incident. My little sister got another "christmas" dress. What a blessing in having two loving grandmas! 
I also received A Christmas Singing in the mail today

Today we woke up late! My dad did not have to go to work today! Light homeschool day! This was a exclamation filled day! 

I just cant stop from thanking God for His many blessings and smiling.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

What's Buggin' Me

What bugs you? What things get under your skin? For me it is... Water bugs. They are so fat, ugly, creepy ,and crawly. Killing a water bug sends me to tears. 

It was a regular day. I finished eating my oatmeal and went to use the bathroom. I was there when I felt something brush the bottom of my foot. I did not think anything of it because I was wearing a long skirt. I looked down and to my surprise and disgust found a water bug on me! I immediately shook it off of me. I did not have a sandal to kill it. I ran out the bathroom telling my mom about the hideous bug. He was so big and dark brown and gross! My mom took one look at him and said that I had to kill it. The last time I had to kill a water bug, I will confess that, I broke out in tears. My little sister said don't cry just kill it. I put some shoes on then grabbed another shoe to meet my match.

The thing I hate about water bugs is that after you hit them their antennae and bodies still move. Right when I smacked the shoe down our bathroom rug fell on top of it. I now had to get the bug from underneath it. I was just picturing that bug going crazy and crawling up my hand. I was completely terrified. Then, as you guessed it the tears started to flow down. I tried calming down, I went to dry my eyes and wipe my nose. I walked back to the bathroom repeating "Perfect love cast out all fear." After that my tears still cruised down my cheek, but I was determined to get it over with.

I finally got the rug that hid the bug on the dust pan and I rushed to throw it in the kitchen garbage can. Ohh I forgot I also put on dish gloves too, just in case. I was so relieved that my battle was over. Afterwords, I was covered in goosebumps. I have no idea why I react so emotionally, but I should not let my fear get control over me. Every time I see a water bug, I get a painful punch of fear in my stomach. It is easier said then done to quote Bible verses. To live a life of fear shows a lack of trust in our savior. I know I will never like and enjoy a water bugs company, but I should not be filled with fear when I see them. 

After my killing victory I went to lay down (I am not exaggerating I really get riled up when it comes to them.) I opened my Bible to Isaiah 41:10 it reads:

"So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand."

I can not say I am 100% free of fear but I fell closer to that number than before!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Hallelujah To the Highest!

 I really enjoy watching this video. I get goosebumps at the end every time I watch it. I am amazed at the yearning people have to worship their Creator (that is what they were made for). Hope you enjoy! Imagine doing that in NY I doubt many would know the lyrics;)

Friday, December 16, 2011

Count Your Blessings

 We went on the 1 train to go to this craft place. We felt like NY tourists taking pictures.
 We arrived at the craft store. We chose a piece of plaster and then we get to paint it however we choose. Mine came out so nice.
I will try to share the finished product.

Eye Update
We went to the eye doctor and......... These are my new glasses:(
I am totally joking! After the exam we found out that one of my eyes is near sighted. He said I don't have to get glasses. That doctor was so hilarious. His hair is like Albert Einstein, and he wore a bow tie.
Afterwards,  he put some eye drops on me. My pupils were so huge and my vision was blurry. 

 My mom did the fishtail braid on me. I can't remember the last time my mom did my hair.
Today Burger King was giving free french fries! Yum. They should have given some free soda too!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Count Your Blessings

I had to deep clean my room. I felt like the paper monster was going to swallow me alive. My room feels much lighter without all that paper.
My Aunt gave me a pair of purple flats.
On Friday we visited my grandma's house. I had way too much candy. I enjoyed the long visit.
I got a new Christmas dress, a big feather headband, and two shirts!
My family also went to Ikea. If I were to ever get a dog I would want a Beagle. 
 I could even name him cinnamon:) That was one sticky delicious bun.

I won a copy of Love Finds You In Sundance, Wyoming at Amber's blog party. I am so happy that I won. 

Today my new cousin, Jeannalee Sky was born today. (I am not sure how to spell her first name) She is so pretty. 

This was one fun filled week. I praise the Lord for all the new gifts I received!

Thursday, December 08, 2011

Holocaust and Abortion

I have been really cheap with my movie reviews. With all the books I have been reading my "schedule" has been tight. While surfing the blog waves I came across this video. This is a video from  The Way of the Master. Many know how passionately Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron evangelize to the lost. This short movie is about the Holocaust and Abortion, the similarities and the wickedness of mankind's heart. I think this is a very informative video. Hope you enjoy. If you would like tell me what you thought about it.

_______________________ WARNING_________________________
*Viewer Discretion. For younger children, have a parent watch first. Since the topic is about the holocaust and abortion there may be some unpleasant images.

Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Christmas 2011

Ahh pulling out the box of Christmas lights from the basement. Bringing out the memories of all those handmade and bought ornaments. Looking at the tangled mess of  Christmas lights. Fetching for my special stocking, hoping it gets filled to the top. Listening to the Christmas tunes. Dusting the nativity scene. I'm getting into the Christmas season... NOT. That is not me.

The scene above is a very common one. My family does not give presents, hang lights, or buy a tree for Christmas. We do not see the point of it. Christmas is the time where we supposedly celebrate Jesus birthday. In Luke 2 I have never read of Mary adding a first christmas ornament with a picture of baby Jesus on the tree behind her. Jesus is truly the reason for the season in my home. We do not think it is necessary to give gifts on christmas. I am not saying that we never give or receive gifts on Christmas. If we happen to see the thing that someone wanted, we could buy it and give it to them whenever we choose, not only just holidays. That is the true meaning of a gift, receiving something you do not deserve.

I do not judge the people who deck their houses with lights and trees. I think the ornament filled Christmas trees look beautiful, but I do not encourage you to do so. The Lord has a specific relationship with each of His children he can minister you and lead you to what His will is.

I found this video very informative. I hope to share more christmas related videos that edify you.

Monday, December 05, 2011

Who Am I

I recently went to a "Product Party." Only the girls of my immediate family were invited. We answered girly questions, had some great laughs and got gift bags. One of the contents was a bracelet. The bracelet came with a card that read
"I am proud to be a woman.
I am proud to be Latina.
I am proud of all that I have accomplished. 
I am proud of all that I will achieve.
It is the culmination of pride that
gives me the strength to walk
with la falda bien puesta."
Show the world you are una mujer con la falda bien puesta.

The italicized words mean a woman with her skirt well put on. That means a woman who is strong in her convictions. Dedicated to The Lord. Unmoved by the storms around her. At first I found the card to be so funny, but after reading it a couple of times noted how sad it was. I am a "woman." I am a Latina. What does that matter to the Lord. I have not accomplished anything and will not achieve anything without Him. What we are and what we have done mean nothing to God. The most important thing is what He did for us. His sacrifice for me. When we realize it is not all about us and all about Jesus we can then rejoice in our accomplishments through Him. I encourage you to not look at what we do and what we are, but on the Lord. 

I am a child of the Most High God.

Saturday, December 03, 2011

Count Your Blessings

 I know I am posting my blessings a day late but I did not have any time yesterday. This was my wonderful week. 
We went to enroll my grandma into the local gym (Not this week). Planet Fitness has these cool chairs that are in the shape of hands. I was sitting in the palm of this purple hand.
Christmas came early for me. I received some books that I wanted from my grandma on Monday. I am so excited to begin reading them.

I finished reading the last book to the Zion Chronicles, Dunkirk Crescendo. I am currently reading an e-book, For Time and Eternity.

I ate some delicious oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. Finally an oatmeal cookie without raisins! 

My mom snapped this picture as we went to Kohl's to shop for some work clothes for my dad. 

I was so excited for Kianna's photo contest. I did not join because I wanted to give other people, who do not know her personally, a chance in winning the prize. (Being her cousin I know of a secret that she is about to share. I won't tell. A promise is a promise.)

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

"Four Eyes"

Earlier in this month I mentioned that I had went to the doctor for a check up. I praise the Lord that I am 100% healthy. However, he did mention that I have to go to the eye doctor for a check up. 

For some time my eyes have been bothering me and I would also get headaches so I have been keeping my eye sight in prayer. When my doctor mentioned me going to the eye doctor my first thought was.... Glasses. I really have been praying for my eyesight to go back to 20/20 so I would not need glasses. I wanted to be able to use my mustard seed faith and move mountains, well change my eyesight. I know when one wears glasses your eyesight gets weaker and dependent on your glasses. I do NOT want to wear glasses. After many tears in prayer about my eyes, my mother said once I get glasses and actually see all I have been missing out in that my prayers will be more fervent. I hope so.

Do not get me wrong I have no objection to people wearing glasses. A lot of people that I know wear glasses. I just do not want them for me. My eye appointment is for December 15. I will still be praying for a change in my eyesight, but if nothing changes I will have to share a picture of the "new" me. I pray that you may keep my eye sight in prayer. I know I'm not the only one who wants their vision back to perfection so pray for all the people you know as well.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Book Review- An Amish Wedding

Photo Credit:
Rose Bender is no ordinary Amish girl. She dreams of adventure and excitement in her life. She is happy to be engaged to her best friend Luke Lantz, but feels like something lacks. Luke and Rose have been best friends for many years that she already knows him so well. Her acceptance to his proposal would please both families. The two rich lands run parallel from each other, and she would bring a woman's touch to Luke's motherless home. Rose's young heart wishes that her fiancé was more romantic and mysterious instead of placid, faithful, and secure. As if Luke heard what her heart desired, he starts acting different. Rose is concerned and enjoying the "new" Luke. What is Lukes' secret? Will Rose find out? Will his secret tear them apart? What could be perfect about this secret?

Naomi had not thought about marriage for awhile, but with the sudden wedding fever, she longs for someone special. She is content with her thriving baking business and is happy for her little sister, Priscilla's, upcoming wedding. What more could she ask for, but her heart still yearns for her own love story. Chester, Priscilla's fiancé, invites his cousin to the wedding. As soon as Naomi and Zeke meet, they form a strong and unlikely bond. Will there be another wedding for the Amish community? Or will an obstacle from Naomi's' past detain their perfect match

Priscilla is always neat and in control of everything. She is ecstatic about her upcoming wedding to her sweetheart, Chester. She has planned her wedding ever since she was sixteen, and after three years she is ready for her perfect wedding. Much to her dismay things are not going as she planned. Problems seem to arise rapidly; an attendant with poison ivy, problems with the new house, a failed celery crop, and a torn wedding dress. What ever happened to her perfect wedding? As more problems arise, the couple wonder if the problems are a sign from God to cancel the wedding. Will Priscilla learn to leave everything, even the small details, up to the Lord so he can bring about His perfect plan?

The Amish Wedding trilogy was a wonderful collaboration of three amazing writers in one. I enjoyed the fact that all three stories shared the same characters. The book felt as if it was written by one author not three. The first story Perfect Secret by Kelly Long was my favorite story out of the three. It was very suspenseful and intriguing. I thought the romance was a little too graphic. The characters and plot were very well described that you could easily picture the characters. This story threw more than one curveball at me. 
The second story Perfect Match by Kathleen Fuller was my least favorite of the three. It was very interesting, but compared to the first it lacked a certain spark. I thought the romance was kind of predictable. I liked the fact that Zeke actually prayed and waited for God to bring him the perfect wife.  I thought that was sweet. 
The last book Perfect Plan by Beth Wiseman was my second favorite. I thought this was the most humorous and biblically based book. I laughed so much with each new calamity befalling the couple. This story taught the best message: Never allow something to rob you of your peace. Overall the three stories were very good. I recommend it to all readers! 

I received this book for free from Book Sneeze in exchange for my honest opinion.

You may purchase this book at CBD.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Count Your Blessings

As you all know this was a very busy week. Thus was the week where the world celebrates Thanksgiving. We should thank God everyday for all His many blessings. I am thankful for spending time with my little sister. We played with Play-doh. I made an orange snowman, and Sara made some chicken Mc Nuggets.
 I am thankful for the beautiful Fall weather. I like the detailed design on this tree trunk.
 My aunt straightened my hair for thanksgiving. I really like the way my hair looks straight... and wavy. I will try to share another picture.
Thank You Jesus For All My Blessings!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Book Review- Valley of Dreams

Photo Credit:

Cassie Lockwoods' life has been completely surrounded in traveling with her father and performing in wild west shows. When her father dies, Cassie is heartbroken but is determined to go forward with life and fufill all her fathers dreams. All of a sudden her "Uncle" Jason, the shows manger, tells her the show will be closing down. Jason has led the show to debt and has fled, leaving Cassie alone. Hurt and abandoned Cassie determines to find the hidden valley her father always dreamed about.

Finding her Fathers valley is not an easy task. Cassie knows the valley is located in the Black Hills of South Dakota. The only other clue she has is to look for three huge stones that look like fingers on a giant hand. She travels with a Chief Sioux Indian who has acted on the show for twenty years. He has known her father many years before and knows his way around that familiar territory. Cassie also chooses her faithful friend and head wrangler, Micah to accompany her. All Cassie knows how to do is trick ride and sharp shoot. She does not know how to cook or hunt, but is determined to arrive at the valley before the wild winter sets in. Journey with the trio as they battle emotions, weather, robbers, and their pride. Will Cassie ever find her valley or will that be a forever dream?

Ransom is frustrated living in defeat. Ever since his father passed away their ranch has been failing. His brother, Lucas is tired of the ranch and ready to forget about it. He would love to sell it but his mother has completely and utterly forbade it. Is she keeping it for sentimental reasons or is she not telling Ransom the whole story?Despite their daily struggle, there are some days of partying, building, cooking and some obvious prayer to the One above. Will the Lord ever see them through this difficulty? 

I thought this book was a well written book. It was a great read. It was not romantic, action filled or suspenseful, but it was definitely a page turner. I was completely captivated with the story plot that I just had to finish the book. Cassie is such a brave fun loving character you will immediately befriend her. I think what makes this book so enjoyable is the down to earth characters. You immediately form a bond with them and want to see what becomes of them. Just when you think you know everything there is to the book there is a surprise ending. You definitely have to read the second book to complete the story. I would have like the story to have more action and romance. It being the first in a series I hope each book surpasses the next.

I received this book free from Bethany House Publishers in exchange for my honest review.

If you would like you may purchase this book in CBD

Friday, November 18, 2011

Songs of Promises

I pray that you may be blessed with this song. I pray that we may all say "Yes" to the Lord's calling. Enjoy!

Count Your Blessings

Peace be with you. I thank the Lord for all the many blessings He has given me, both great and small.

1. I started reading An Amish Wedding so far so gut 8)
2. My cousin gave me a long jean skirt, those are usually hard to find.
3. On Wednesday a lot of people from our church visited our house. I felt like the Amish people having church at home. 
4. I am thankful for all the yummy lemonade I have drank this week.
5. My grandma is coming tomorrow from Ecuador!
6. Thanks to Aizess I found out that "Love Begins" is airing on TBN this Saturday at 11:00 p.m. and Love's Resounding Courage is giving on Sunday at 12:30 a.m. I am super excited! Thanks so much Aizess.

Praise the Lord for another wonderful week!
Let everything that has breath praise the Lord. Praise the Lord! Psalm 150:6

Monday, November 14, 2011

Book Review- Mine is the Night

After her husbands fall at the battle of Falkirk, Elisabeth Kerr is left a widow. For having been opposed to the King, Elisabeth has lost everything-title, property, and fortune. Now Elisabeth travels with her mother-in-law, Majory, to Selkirk. Majory clings to the hope that a distant cousin will be able to help them in their impoverished state. Majory is haunted by the past, hates her present primitive conditions, and is scared about the future. 

Elisabeth, not being afraid of hard work uses her needle as a way to support her new family. Out of no where an unlikely hero steps into the picture. Lord Buchanan has everything to make him happy in life-money, gold, and a high position with the King. He lacks one thing though-a family. As Elisabeth sews for his household, he begins a friendship with her. As time progresses so do Lord Buchanans'  feelings for Elisabeth. Will his loyalty to the King hinder his growing affections? Will he chose a beautiful, wealthy, woman whose loyalty rests with the King? Is Elisabeth ready to mend her heart from the past? All the men in her life have betrayed her.  Is she ready to trust another?

Majory is feeling remorseful for all her past actions. She was a very stingy woman when she was rich. Now she believes the Lord is punishing her. Will Majory have a second chance to restore friendships,  her faith, and ultimately true love?

Mine is the Night is a beautifully hand crafted Scottish twist to the Biblical love story of Ruth and Boaz. I enjoyed the story immensely. The author added many descriptions that livened up the story. This was definitely not a boring read. There were many a time when the author kept me in suspense. This was a beautiful, thrilling, and enjoyable book. The Kerr women are first introduced in the prequel Here Burns My Candle. It is not necessary to read the first, but to get a better grasp of the characters you may. There was not a thing that the author forgot to mention at the closing of this book. The end of this book was truly a sigh of contentment.

I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review.

You may purchase this book at CBD

Friday, November 11, 2011

Songs of Praise

This is another very beautiful and powerful song. Hope you enjoy.

Count Your Blessings

Peace be with you this was a nice and relaxed week. The week started out with receiving my book Mine is the Night from Book Sneeze

Tuesday I received An Amish Wedding in the mail. Our car got a flat tire. I also went to the doctors for a check up. I got a TB shot. Afterwords, we visited my aunt and grandma.

Wednesday I went to  the dentist for some sealants for my teeth. 

Thursday was a regular church day. It was so cold in the night. Not really excited for the cold weather.

Friday we went to Staples with Kianna and my aunt. Had a good time chatting and trying out the Staples computers.

Overall I had a blessed week. Praise the Lord!

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Egg In the Hole

Ingredients: - Eggs - Bread- Butter

 First you grab a cup (the bigger the better) and you make a hole in the center.

Your bread should look like this.

 Then, you sauté the pan with butter and the two pieces of bread as well.

 Next, you grab an egg and crack it in the middle. You wait until egg is thoroughly cooked.

 Your end result you look somewhat like this. I got this recipe from the "Pioneer Woman." It is super easy to make and enjoy. I hope you have an eggcellent breakfast :) 

Are You Hair or Thair ?

Many of you may not get the title but if you have a nice southern accent you should get it. For some time I noticed that my ends were a bit scraggily so I asked my mom if she could trim my ends. I remember during the process I was seeing a lot of hair drop. My mother kept on assuring me everything was fine. Lo and behold at the end my hair did not get trimmed it was ruthlessly cut off (Just kidding about the last part :) If you can see in the following picture my original hair length was the uncut piece to the right. My hair is now up to a regular short sleeved shirt. Before I cut my hair, I wanted to let my hair grow very long. I decided to make my hair grow "faster" with some natural remedies. First, I plan to do nothing out of the ordinary to my hair for 1 entire month then afterwards measure it to see how much it grew, from the mere 20 in. I have to begin with. The following month I will try the natural remedies and see how much my hair has grown since. I pray it is a significant amount! Hopefully some time this month I will remeasure my hair. 

 My thick, beautiful, wavy locks being cut off.

 Since my hair is so thick it is long process.

The Pictures were so graciously taken by my 6 year old sister, Sara.

Friday, November 04, 2011

Count Your Blessings

This was an interesting week.

Sunday was the day the children participated in our church service. Some welcomed, prayed, read the Bible and others praised God. The Holy Spirit chose me to bring the message for our congregation that service.

Monday started out with a prayer service at my church. We were lifting up the name of Jesus, while the enemy was being praised on that not holy halloween day. I also received the Valley of Dreams book.
Tuesday we stayed home and had family time.
On Wednesday we visited one of our brothers and sisters in Christ house. The message was a blessing, the fellow shipping was a blessing, and the cake and milk was as well. 
Thursday was a regular church day. Valley of dreams was so good that I finished reading it today.
Today for a homeschool treat we watched America the Story of Us.
I finally got to see the pictures my mother took in Ecuador. These are a few compared to many more that my mom took.

Song of Worship

Through the weeks I have continued with my prayer challenge. I really enjoy praying with music on, and thought I would start sharing some of my favorite songs with you. I usually start my prayers with this song. Hope you enjoy!

Thursday, November 03, 2011


I can not believe that it has already snowed. On October 29, 2011 was the first snowfall for "winter." I remember almost every year I would hope for some snow on Christmas and It's along way until Christmas. I use to love the snow when I was younger, but now I think of all the coldness and work. I still enjoy the beautiful scenery, but I will think twice before I jump into it and get all drippy:) I was able to snap some pictures on my way to the laundry mat.

  "From whose womb has come the ice? And the frost of heaven, who has given it birth?"
Job 38:29
 "Fire and hail; snow and clouds; Stormy cloud, fulfilling His word;
Psalm 148:8"
 "Like the cold of snow in the time of  harvest Is a faithful messenger to those who send him, For he refreshes the soul of his masters."
Proverbs 25:13
"For as the rain and the snow come down from heaven, And do not return there without watering the earth And making it bear and sprout, And furnishing the seed to the sower and bread to the eater."
Isaiah 55:10

Monday, October 31, 2011

Book Review- His Steadfast Love

Photo Credit:
Amanda Belle is a sophisticated Southern woman. She happens to meet Captain Kent and after many meetings in her father's church, she is secretly attracted to him. After a promise she made to her  dying mother to take care of her siblings, she knows love for anyone is out of the question. Then to every one's horror the glorious America begins war against it's own brothers. The country is divided in two: Confederates against the Union. Amanda's brother enlists in the Confederate army to keep the sunny south independent. Captain Kent has enlisted in the Union army to keep America a united nation and fight against the view of slavery. Amanda is torn between her loyalty to her native land and brother and heart and Kent. 

As the war progresses so does Amanda's love for Kent. She knows her situation is impossible, but nothing is too big for the Lord, right? Kent experiences the many horrors of war. The only thing that keeps him going is the beautiful memories of the woman he loves, Amanda. With the country divided  and families on opposing sides, a marriage between the two is highly unlikely.

With the fear of loosing her brother or the man she loves, Amanda is in a constant state of fear of the unknown. She still has to care for her young sisters and father, oversee the slaves' work, and make supplies for the army. Through this time she begins to question God. She is confused on what side she is on. She believes cruel treatment of slaves is wrong, but she still owns them. What side is God on? When she does not receive any answers, she turns her back on God.

What will become of Amanda. Will her brother and the love of her life return to her? Will she ever be able to give herself to God completely again? Journey with this woman through one of the most uncivil  times in history.

I thought this was a very sweet book. It was a nice, quiet read. It definitely did not have a fast pace rhythm but was still interesting. I thought the story was very complex and interesting; two opposing sides tugging at one woman's heart. This book was romantic, adventurous, and sad. After discussing with another reader about this novel, we both agreed that the author never clearly said what side Amanda was on. The book did not provide a satisfying ending.  Too many questions left unanswered.  

I would recommend this book to all those who enjoy a nice paced book and people who enjoy the Civil- War period. I would give this book a 4 out of 5.

I received this book free from Book Sneeze in exchange for my honest review.  This book can be purchased at CBD and Amazon.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Count Your Blessings

It has been such a wonderful week. On Monday, at around midnight we went to the airport to pick up my mama. It was so nice to finally see her after so long. Tuesday was a regular day. We looked at the goodies my mother brought back from Ecuador. On Wednesday, my mom had a dentist appointment. We had a no homeschool day! We later went to visit my grandma. I was supposed to get my package today, but I thought I was going to miss it because we were not home. My neighbor babysat our package so I did not have to wait another day. Inside the package was my new Vera Bradley purse! It is super cute. (On the I-touch the purse looks orange, but it is really a coral color)
We got to watch What If... with my mom, she liked it a lot. On Thursday, I had a light homeschool day. We visited the library. Today, we woke up late and went to Target with my aunt and cousins. I had a good time shopping with the girls. Now is when I actually feel like it is fall. It is no longer sweater weather :( Now I hear the hiss of the radiator reminding me of how cold it is outside. My dad brought back a yummy sweet potato pie. 
We had such a wonderful week, praise the Lord!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Soul Surfer Official Trailer

Soul Surfer is about a 13 year old girl named Bethany Hamilton. Bethany is such a wonderful surfer getting better all the time. She wins first place in a local competition and is going to be sponsored. Instead of going to the mission trip to Mexico she stays home to practice her surfing. As she surfs with her best friend Alana and her family her arm is suddenly bitten off by a shark. Now she faces the challenges of only having one arm. She knows her life will forever be changed.

The support of her loving family, prayers of her youth pastor, Sara (Carrie Underwood) and the support of her friends she makes it through this tough time in her life. With her heart, will, and determination she is able to surf once again. Journey with Bethany (Anna Sophia Robb) as her faith in Jesus carries her through her many trials. She endures the questioning glances, the pitying attitude of others and not being the good surfer she once was. All the time she thought surfing was her everything in life. It is not until she teaches one child in Thailand to surf does she learn that life is not all about surfing. Bethany's strong faith in Jesus Christ encourages many people. She encourages others to live up to their dreams and that anything is possible with Jesus.

This movie was based on the life story of Bethany Hamilton. I thought this was such a thrilling, fun, and heartwarming movie. I thought the quality of the movie was very good. It had a interesting story plot, wonderful actors, and beautiful scenery. The shark scene may be a little graphic for younger kids. Most of the time the actors are in bikinis  and are not wearing any shirts. Depending on how your view of modesty you may want to watch this movie just with girls. Other than that you could watch it with your whole family. I really enjoyed watching the surfing scenes, they were so thrilling and exciting. I give this movie 5 stars.

I got this movie in the library. You can purchase this movie at CBD. Here is the trailer, it was just as good as the movie :)

Book Review- The Harvest of Grace

Photo Caption
The Harvest of Grace is the third and final book to the Ada's House Series. This story starts with a new character named Sylvia. She is a hard working women, who helps in the family's dairy farm. When Sylvia is betrayed by her beau and sister she is determined to leave home for good. It is not until something unimaginable happens to her beau and her, does she actually leave. 

Sylvia moves to Dry Lake to help the Blank family out of their miserable debt. Suddenly, their son Aaron gets out of rehab to make amends for his past actions. His goal is to reconcile with his family and sell the farm. Sylvia's plan is to get the farm out of debt and on the path to success. With two different goals for the same farm they begin with a very rocky relationship. Can a romance bloom in such rocky hearts?  

This was a very nice Amish read. I liked the fact, that I was still able to understand the previous characters stories from the two preceding books, without having read the other books. This book does continue with Cara and Ephraim, Leah and Grey, Deborah and Jonathan, Israel and Ada's growing love for one another. This was a slow paced predictable read, however it was not boring. I thought the best part of the book was towards the end. I would give this book a 4out of 5. This book was very christ centered, but did not have a sermon approach.

I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group in exchange for an honest review. You can purchase this book in CBD and Amazon.  Here is the link to a small preview of the book.  

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Count Your Blessings

1. This was another week that my mother has not been here. I am counting the days until she comes.
2. We had fun watching movies. We have watched What If..., No greater Love, Soul Surfer, Letters to God.
3. I tried this really cool hairstyle on my lil' sister.
4. I got His Steadfast Love from Book Sneeze.
5. I finally ordered my Vera Bradley purse! I am so excited to use it. I will keep the style and color a surprise.
6. I was messing with my hair and made a braid headband.
7. My grandma bought my family Dominos pizza. We chose half pepperoni, and cheese, and then a chicken/pepper. We also got Cinna Stix.
8. I had a fun time cleaning this week :)
9. I made a cool breakfast with these ingredients. I will share more about that later.