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Book Review- An Amish Wedding

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Rose Bender is no ordinary Amish girl. She dreams of adventure and excitement in her life. She is happy to be engaged to her best friend Luke Lantz, but feels like something lacks. Luke and Rose have been best friends for many years that she already knows him so well. Her acceptance to his proposal would please both families. The two rich lands run parallel from each other, and she would bring a woman's touch to Luke's motherless home. Rose's young heart wishes that her fiancé was more romantic and mysterious instead of placid, faithful, and secure. As if Luke heard what her heart desired, he starts acting different. Rose is concerned and enjoying the "new" Luke. What is Lukes' secret? Will Rose find out? Will his secret tear them apart? What could be perfect about this secret?

Naomi had not thought about marriage for awhile, but with the sudden wedding fever, she longs for someone special. She is content with her thriving baking business and is happy for her little sister, Priscilla's, upcoming wedding. What more could she ask for, but her heart still yearns for her own love story. Chester, Priscilla's fiancé, invites his cousin to the wedding. As soon as Naomi and Zeke meet, they form a strong and unlikely bond. Will there be another wedding for the Amish community? Or will an obstacle from Naomi's' past detain their perfect match

Priscilla is always neat and in control of everything. She is ecstatic about her upcoming wedding to her sweetheart, Chester. She has planned her wedding ever since she was sixteen, and after three years she is ready for her perfect wedding. Much to her dismay things are not going as she planned. Problems seem to arise rapidly; an attendant with poison ivy, problems with the new house, a failed celery crop, and a torn wedding dress. What ever happened to her perfect wedding? As more problems arise, the couple wonder if the problems are a sign from God to cancel the wedding. Will Priscilla learn to leave everything, even the small details, up to the Lord so he can bring about His perfect plan?

The Amish Wedding trilogy was a wonderful collaboration of three amazing writers in one. I enjoyed the fact that all three stories shared the same characters. The book felt as if it was written by one author not three. The first story Perfect Secret by Kelly Long was my favorite story out of the three. It was very suspenseful and intriguing. I thought the romance was a little too graphic. The characters and plot were very well described that you could easily picture the characters. This story threw more than one curveball at me. 
The second story Perfect Match by Kathleen Fuller was my least favorite of the three. It was very interesting, but compared to the first it lacked a certain spark. I thought the romance was kind of predictable. I liked the fact that Zeke actually prayed and waited for God to bring him the perfect wife.  I thought that was sweet. 
The last book Perfect Plan by Beth Wiseman was my second favorite. I thought this was the most humorous and biblically based book. I laughed so much with each new calamity befalling the couple. This story taught the best message: Never allow something to rob you of your peace. Overall the three stories were very good. I recommend it to all readers! 

I received this book for free from Book Sneeze in exchange for my honest opinion.

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  1. I have heard of this book and really want to read it.

  2. You can always borrow mine when your not "bookbarded":)

  3. This was a great review, Ali! I really enjoyed it! I would love to read it but I'm "booked" up, as you well know:-)

  4. Ohh thanks for commenting, you haven't commented for a while, thought something happened to you... JK I see you every other day I know you are alive:)


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