Monday, November 14, 2011

Book Review- Mine is the Night

After her husbands fall at the battle of Falkirk, Elisabeth Kerr is left a widow. For having been opposed to the King, Elisabeth has lost everything-title, property, and fortune. Now Elisabeth travels with her mother-in-law, Majory, to Selkirk. Majory clings to the hope that a distant cousin will be able to help them in their impoverished state. Majory is haunted by the past, hates her present primitive conditions, and is scared about the future. 

Elisabeth, not being afraid of hard work uses her needle as a way to support her new family. Out of no where an unlikely hero steps into the picture. Lord Buchanan has everything to make him happy in life-money, gold, and a high position with the King. He lacks one thing though-a family. As Elisabeth sews for his household, he begins a friendship with her. As time progresses so do Lord Buchanans'  feelings for Elisabeth. Will his loyalty to the King hinder his growing affections? Will he chose a beautiful, wealthy, woman whose loyalty rests with the King? Is Elisabeth ready to mend her heart from the past? All the men in her life have betrayed her.  Is she ready to trust another?

Majory is feeling remorseful for all her past actions. She was a very stingy woman when she was rich. Now she believes the Lord is punishing her. Will Majory have a second chance to restore friendships,  her faith, and ultimately true love?

Mine is the Night is a beautifully hand crafted Scottish twist to the Biblical love story of Ruth and Boaz. I enjoyed the story immensely. The author added many descriptions that livened up the story. This was definitely not a boring read. There were many a time when the author kept me in suspense. This was a beautiful, thrilling, and enjoyable book. The Kerr women are first introduced in the prequel Here Burns My Candle. It is not necessary to read the first, but to get a better grasp of the characters you may. There was not a thing that the author forgot to mention at the closing of this book. The end of this book was truly a sigh of contentment.

I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review.

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  1. I am excited to read this one especially since you gave it a raving review and stated that it kept you in suspense even though you know the ending of the Biblical account:)


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