Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Virginia Trip:Day 1- Relaxing

This post might seem a bit repetitive from last post, but these are some photos my mom took. Since the trip took 8 hours driving my parents were pretty tired, so they recharged their batteries the first day we were there. From now on the Virginia trip photos will be a collaboration of our photos (my mom and I) 

We're here, Ohh that's good! type of face.

Our lovely hotel

A sweep glance of our home away home

Lil' sis and I eating Pop Tarts and watching a movie on our balcony

Once a reader always a reader.

My mom likes to take photos of feet for some reason

My dad was pretending to be the life guard

Running to the waves

Gotta love that sea foam

After the Memorial Day mob of beachers, we were left with empty miles

Beautiful Blue water

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