Monday, June 18, 2012

Award Post

Ireland over at A Pearl of Great Price awarded me the Kreativ Blog award!

Rules: Answer ten random questions about yourself, tell ten random things about myself, and award seven bloggers. Here goes: 


What is Your Favorite Song: This is a hard one. I tend to change this one frequently. The only one that is coming to me right now is Yo Quiero Enamorarme Mas De Ti 

What is Your Favorite Dessert: Why are these questions so hard? Umm... cookies and cream ice cream.

What Makes You Mad: When I am trying to say something, and I'm constantly interrupted.

When You Are Upset What Do You Do: I, which is not good, usually give people the silent treatment.

What Is Your Favorite Pet: If I had a pet, I would want a cute little Beagle.

What Do You Prefer; Black Or White to wear? I like to wear black, black is so classy, but then again white gives a fresh and clean appearance, but I will stick to black. 

What Is Perfection: JESUS!

What Is Your Guilty Pleasure: Reading late at night or at weird times, like when I'm stirring the oatmeal  :)

10 Random Things:

1. It is taking me super long to think of something random, I find it hard to think of random things to share about myself
2. I can type pretty good now, without having to completely look down.
3. The delete button is my friend on the keyboard
4. I'm stopping right now and noticing how good I'm doing with this random stuff and now I'm stuck.
5. Glad I am half way done with this
6. I entered a photography challenge about music and did not win:( 
7. Tomorrow I hope to share with you guys some of those music photos
8. Reading through a weeks worth of blog posts from the people I follow after taking my blog break.
9. My lip is hurting, right about now.
10. I can't wait for summer!

I Award:

Nela @ Beloved Star

Kathryn @ Chatty Kathy

Sorry I can only think of 4 right now:(


  1. Thanks for awarding me Ali!

    Great list by the way. I agree, Jesus is perfection!

  2. Hi its Gianna! I'm getting my first blog starting, and I'd love for you to come see it! There is actually a contest going on right now so you need to come check it out!


"May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart
be pleasing in your sight,
O LORD, my Rock and my Redeemer."
(Psalm 19:14)