Friday, June 29, 2012

Book Review- Flame of Resistance

My Review:

Brigitte is a hurting young women. Loosing her beloved fiancee, she is left with nothing. Out of the desperation of her circumstances, Brigitte opens a brothel. She is looked down upon from her fellow country men because of her choice of "profession", which also caters only to the Nazis'. For Brigitte life has no apparent meaning or hope. Joining the french Resistance, seems to be the only good thing dirty and tainted Brigitte can accomplish. When met by American pilot, Tom, everything changes, even her take on life. 

Tom a pretty level headed guy is thrust into an awkward situation. Being blonde headed and blue eyed, makes for an excellent Nazi poser, and French spy. He is to become a "customer" at Brigitte's brothel, where she gives him any information she has gathered from her Nazi customers, where he in turn gives it to their Resistance leader.

As time progresses Brigitte and Tom realize that they have a flame of love between them, but things start spiraling downward. As tension rises as D- Day approaches, the Resistance are threatened to be revealed for a minor mistake on their part. Will the underground work the Resistance do be exposed? How will Brigitte and Tom fare under the hands of the enemy. Will their flame of love be ignited? Or will the perils of war put out the sparks?

I enjoyed this book immensely. Being an avid WW|| to reader I was quick to pick this one up. I enjoyed the underground work, the agents, the cover ups, the hiding, the constant fear in the pit of your stomach when reading this book. Tracy wrote a very fast paced novel and kept it on a thriller level. You were definitely thrown in suspense as certain unexpected scenes would pop up. She kept the book very clean, considering that Brigitte and her companions were prostitutes. No unnecessary details about Brigittes' work was given, much to my relief.

However, the book included too many characters with complex names on their own, then some even had code names. This factor added for some definite confusion on my part. I also did not like that all Tom preached to Brigitte was that God accepts all types of sinners. Seeing what a broken women she was the author definitely could have added a bit more God can redeem you, you are precious in His sight type of preaching. Tom was portrayed as a very shallow "Christian" he rarely mentions God and worst of all he was planning a revenge murder. I would have loved if the author concentrated on giving the main characters depth, than adding all the other secondary characters.

All in all, this was a very up the wall book filled with non stop action, sweet romance, suspense, and that WW|| nazi thrill sensation. With all that said, I give Flame of Resistance a 4 out of 5.

I received this book for free, from Tyndale, in exchange for my honest review.

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