Sunday, June 03, 2012

Book Review- After All

After All is a beautiful and well written contemporary novel. This story is written for a vast array of audiences, but especially good for those who have been betrayed by a loved one. It gives hope to the hurting and healing to those who are willing. It shows that forgiveness, healing and new love is all possible in Jesus.

Deborah's writing style and pace made this book a very pleasant and exciting read. After All, being the final book from the Hanover Falls series was the culmination to this series, but it made for a well written stand alone book. By bringing the reader up to date of all previous occurrences, the author did not leave you guessing at all. The book was appropriately balanced with romance, suspense, conflicting emotions, and trust me there will be many. Personally, I believe it would have been better to read the first two books to this series, allowing the reader a more in depth perspective to the whole situation. It also would have made the ultimate shocking discovery more...well shocking! As stated earlier, After All can be read as part of the original series or as a stand alone novel.

Susan was truly a beautiful character. Of course she was picture perfect on the outside, but her heart was what was most beautiful. She was a quiet, humble, and loving type of woman. She truly demonstrated a "new creature in Christ, the act of putting away the old self". Susan was "human" so she did express some wrong emotions at times, but for the most part she modeled the part of a true Christian.

All the characters were well placed in this story. They added depth and season to the story. You immediately formed a bond with them, that left you wanting more once the story was over, that is most of them.

I absolutely loved the quotations before each chapter, it gave a small glimpse of what was to come, without spoiling the story.

The writing style, plot, characters, and overall message was great. I thoroughly enjoyed After All and would recommend it to all mature readers looking for a good read. I give it a 5 out of 5, it was a totally compete package.

I received this book for free, from Glass Roads, in exchange for my honest review.

You can purchase this book from CBD.

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