Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Putting It All Together

This past month we have talked about clutter and organization. We need a place to have it all together, a thing to keep us organized, less cluttered, and on time. That thing is, a home binder. 

This is our family home binder
Most people have a separate one for each person, but this works out best for our family.

Each person has their chores written down. 

We include daily chores, morning afternoon, and night.

Weekly chores Mon. - Fri. 

At the bottom we have a spot where we write down our weekly goals.  We also have to finish drinking 12 waters and do 11 exercises. This is one way to use your home binder.

Our home binder keeps us all organized and up to date in what we have to do.

You could include recipes you want to try out, hairstyles, calendars for important dates, schedules, to-do lists, lists of your finances, time budgets and much more. Their is no set rule on how to make yours. I have seen some very cute and different home binders, Here is an example.

I encourage you to make one. This is one way to prepare for when you have to take on the full responsibility of managing your household.


  1. I think this is great!
    It is so very important to be disciplined in all areas of our lives.

    This binder looks like it can def. help to keep you on track.

  2. Moms always find ways to keep their kiddos on track with chores. I want to get some sort of organization method where I can keep track... I might be losing points on my sticker chart:(


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