Thursday, April 12, 2012

Natural Beauty

We are at the age where pimples, blackheads, and white heads adorn our lovely faces making them not so pretty. It's the inevitable part of growing up. It seems like they appear right before an important occasion. 

We pop them, try to cover them with make up, and even use the emergency toothpaste method. All the amount of Pro-Active and Clean and Clear is not going to erase and prevent pimples, black heads, white heads and so on. I have a special remedy against these, it's called water.

Ha ha fooled you right. You were probably waiting for me to give you this product or recipe. The problem with most women and girls is they are willing to spend money and make all kinds of recipes just to get a clear face. God left us an easy to use resource called water. Drink lot's of water and you will notice that you have less pimples. The recommend amount is 8 cups a day. Start small than increase daily.

Besides from drinking water. I recommend eating lot's of oatmeal. Yes, Oatmeal! Have you ever seen that lotion named Aveeno. I have heard that this cream is very good. The name Aveeno most likely is derived from the spanish word Avena, translated to english is oatmeal. If people use it outwardly, imagine what eating oatmeal will do for you internally. My mother grew up as an oatmeal eater and has no pimples. It is so rare to see her with one. Even as a teen she told me she can not recall having any pimples. Amazing! 

Besides the oatmeal I would suggest you to stay away from oily foods. Since I have been drinking lots of water and eating my oatmeal 3 times a week my face has been clearer, but when I eat a lot of butter, and mayonnaise the pimples come back. I am not saying never to eat them, just not too much.

Lastly, I would encourage you ladies to wash your face daily. My face is very sensitive to chemicals so I make my own face cleaner. Here is my easy to make natural recipe:

- Small container
- Olive oil
- Sugar

All you need to do is add a little of each to make a thick consistency. Add more sugar than oil (the sugar should look like a lump) The oil moisturizes your face and the sugar scrubs the dirt away. It leaves your skin baby soft and naturally clean.

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  1. I need to drink more water for sure. Then, hopefully we won't be able to play connect the dots:)


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