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Book Review- Almost Amish

Book Review – Almost Amish 

Almost Amish is a book written for people who seek to simplify their lives from this harried world. We are constantly on edge waiting for that email to come in. Checking and changing our status on social networks. We are hooked to technology, consumed by the cares of this world, and ultimately not fulfilled. Who other than the Amish have managed to live technology free, simple and fulfilling lives? 

By incorporating Amish principles, Nancy shows ways to simplify your life by going almost Amish. You do not have to live completely technology free. Neither do you have to drive in a buggy to live a simple life. Nancy uses Amish principles and modifies them to fit our non-Amish lives. 

Nancy shares ways to: 

De-clutter your home

Use technology as a tool and not let it rule your life

Save and spend less

Spend time enjoying God’s creation

Support local businesses

Serve others

Experience true security in God

Create a community

Not used to reading the Christian Living genre, I found Almost Amish to be a very edifying book. I loved how Nancy incorporated the Amish lifestyle in her writing. It allows one to see the lifestyle of a very different group of people.  The author retained one's attention by including personal stories that allowed you to feel that simplifying your life can be possible. To top this book off, the author includes additional resources, such as recipes and websites to help you out. I enjoyed learning how to live simply, and hopefully you will too. 

I thought this book was going to be centered on unplugging from technology, but that was included in a brief chapter. Overall this was a very helpful book to help you get unplugged and simplified. However, I did not agree theologically with some of her beliefs.  I would give this book a 4 out of 5.

I received this book for free from Tyndale in exchange for my honest review.

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