Wednesday, March 07, 2012

What's Inside Your Bag?

As a little girl, I was never the girly girl type to always have a purse. I did not like the fact that I had to hold this thing all throughout the store. However, as I grew older purses became much more of a "necessity." There are so many things we as girls have to carry around with us. 

It always  interesting to know  what one carries in her purse.  How many lip glosses do you have? What type of purse do you have? Is it functional for you? The last question may sound weird, but believe it or not, not everyone likes the same style purse you do. So since I am so curious to know what others carry in their purse, I will satisfy your curiosity and show you what is in mine. 

This is my beautiful Vera Bradley purse. I absolutely love the print. Normally I'm more of the practical type, so this is completely different from my usual style.

 It has one lonely pocket on the outside...

and six wonderful pockets on the inside. This is my purse empty. Note: I did not rearrange my purse for this post. I added 3 things that I took out earlier to use but that are almost always there--(I- touch, book, and Bible)

This is a picture with my purse full. On Sundays I add have my Sunday school book and notebook inside.
I usually always carry my Bible and the latest and greatest book that I am reading. I am currently reading Sixty Acres and a Bride.

 This is the middle pocket picture shown in the above picture.

I keep a small note pad just in case I need to jot something important. I think I have only used two pages so far:) I have a napkin, my mother says a woman always carries tissues. I also keep a smaller purse to hold some personal items.

 Ok This is the pocket directly adjacent to the first one. 

I have my wallet, which holds no money, 2 expired Metro Cards, my library card, and my current Metro card. I also have two email addresses and some receipts. I have some gum and my handy dandy I- touch.

 My purse also has four smaller pockets in which I have my, Blistex,

 a pen,

and some hand sanitizer.

In the small front pocket I keep a hair tie ( I do not know the english name for these. I actually use the spanish name when referring to them:)

Lastly hanging on my strap, I keep a clip just in case.

So, not to drag this post any further than necessary, this is a summary of all that I keep in my purse.

What do you keep in your purse?


  1. Great look into your purse. I love the color and pattern of your bag. I even have a favorite leaf on that bag!

    My mom tells me that as young ladies we need to be organized and prepared.

    My purse has many of the same items your purse has. I keep my wallet in also. Who knows, I might see something I like and I might have a dollar or two in there:)

  2. Your bag is very pretty! Everything you keep inside there is interesting. :)

  3. In my purse I have a ton of things. I have like 4 lipbalms, lotion, hand sanitizer, mirrior, wallet, mp4 player lint roller, perfume, pen,and other things.

    BTW: My purse is pretty big too. :)

  4. Oh My! I have a whole survival pack in my purse;-) Besides my Bible and my latest book I have the following:
    *A bottle of lotion- who likes ashy hands?
    *Lip Balm- So people won't comment, "How unusual! Aizess hasn't made a peep today"- ya, because my lips are about to crack out of their seams:-)
    *A hairbrush- I never use it, but you never know when a lightning bolt might shoot out of the sky at you and you'll look like your Grandmama when she sees the boogeyman:-)

    OK, OK, I'll stop there. I just might have to make a post out of this:-) Anyway, I enjoyed your post... although I'm not really interested to know what's inside that bag of yours:-)


  5. Your purse looks much neater than mine:)
    I have many old receipts that need to be thrown out!


"May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart
be pleasing in your sight,
O LORD, my Rock and my Redeemer."
(Psalm 19:14)