Monday, March 19, 2012

Book Review- The Wedding Dress


Charlotte owns a bridal boutique in Birmingham. It is her job and passion to dress brides for their one special day. However, with her own wedding approaching, she is unsure about everything including her groom. 

Charlotte randomly purchases a battered trunk in a auction and finds a vintage wedding dress inside. The dress is so different from the hundreds Charlotte looks at daily. It looks brand new.  It has its own natural and unusual glow, hand stitched, and a timeless design. Where did this dress come from? Who was the woman who wore it? 

Join Charlotte in her journey through time as she searches through the past to find the owner of this mysterious dress. As clues lead to actual facts, she is stunned to find that the dress is 100 years old and that not one woman wore the dress, but three spanning the years 1912 through 1968! 

Although completely different, the dress is their common ground as each woman faces pain, betrayal, promise, and lastly love in their unique story. Each woman's story teaches Charlotte something different about true love. In the midst of this complex story lies the truth about Charlotte's past and future.   Not only did Charlotte discover the mystery behind the dress, but more importantly  she finds courage, faith, healing and lasting love in God.

This book was an amazing read! The author did a phenomenal job in her research making this a very detailed and interesting story. The transition between ipads, cars and cellphones to horses, bloomers, and trolleys was exceptionally smooth. Not once through the time travels did you find yourself confused.  The author made transitions even easier providing the name and dates of the character on the page.  

Keeping one's interest while simultaneously telling four stories can challenge any author, but this author delivered.  Rachel Hauck stopped at crucial points and then swiftly changed to the another character, making you wait to find out what happened next. To summarize, Rachel did not bombard you with four different story lines making the book impossible to enjoy. The story lines were beautifully interwoven yet distinct.  The characters each had very different and lovable qualities, making it hard to choose a favorite. It was a joy to see that even through difficult circumstances, Charlotte portrayed the life of a true Christian in the midst of her twenty-first century world. 

The only drawback  of the book was the villain's lustful and worldly character.  But, he is a villain.  There were also some activities that the characters participated in that I could have done without.  

Overall, this book deserves 5 big stars out of 5.

I received this book for free from BookSneeze in exchange for my honest opinion of this book.

You can purchase this book at CBD.

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