Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Hair Flower Tutorial

My new fashion phase is hair bows/ flowers. I think they add so much to your outfit. Well if your like me, this a easy flower you can make for your hair.

Getting Ready:
- Marker or pen
-Thread and needle
- Fabric (I used an old shirt)
-Circle template (I used a cup)
1. Using your circle template cut out 5 circles.
2. Fold your circles into fourths.
3. Take your needle and do a running stitch.
4. Once you are finished with the first keep on attaching the fourths with the running stitch.
5. Next, when all five petals are stitched attach last petal with the first one.
6. Finally pull tightly to close the flower up
Your final product should look somewhat like this. I added a button to close the gap in the middle.

Let me know if you need help. Also if any one makes one, email me a picture so I can post about it.


  1. So I should be expecting a nice brown, gray, or black one when I get back...love you

  2. When I saw the flower in you hair I though it would be so difficult to make. I did make one and it came out pretty close to the way yours did.

    Recycling that shirt is a great way to give it another use.


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