Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Resurrection Sunday Fashion Post

It feels like spring is trying to make its appearance over here. Some days we'd have some really nice days and then boom back to the cold. Thankfully this Sunday was spring-like weather. Ever since I could remember my Grandma has gotten me a Resurrection Sunday outfit. As I've gotten older it has become harder and harder to find modest styles and lengths. Each year it's a surprise to see what my grandma comes up with. This year was no exception, however, my grandma told me to pick something online since she couldn't find anything. Having heard throughout the blog world that eShakti sold cute dresses we choose that route.
Since we ordered it somewhat late it wasn't going to arrive on time:( Praise the Lord I had a back up plan. Some time ago we went thrifting and found the cutest vintage-looking skirt. The one problem was I didn't have a matching shirt. After making a last minute thrift store stop that proved to be a fail I was running out of options.

My hairstyle was very uncreative that day. 

I am so grateful to have a mom that shares similar size in clothes. I found the perfect lace shirt to add to the vintage look. This skirt was a #scorethrifty item for me. The fabric is very thick and coarse but the pattern and ruffle hem softens it up. I was happy with the way the outfit turned out. 

Shirt: Mom's closet
Skirt: Thrift store $2.50
Shoes: Mom gave them to me

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  1. That outfit was super cute and you know how much I love lace shirts:)

  2. Very cute top! I want to see your eShakti dress too!


  3. Wow - that is a beautiful and feminine outfit. :) And your un-creative hairstyle? What are you talking about? Your hair looks great. ;)
    Tane xxx


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O LORD, my Rock and my Redeemer."
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