Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Book Review- When Jesus Wept

The Thoene's have delivered yet another master piece with their latest title When Jesus Wept. Set in the time when Jesus walked the earth, we witness a tale of political and religious turmoil, in Lazarus' point of view.

I loved the fact that the main events in Jesus ministry are surrounded by Lazarus' life, from the wedding in Cana, feeding of the multitudes, and the triumphal entry. The amount of historical accuracy and rich Biblical detail in this account was amazing. The many historical facts were not boring but enriching.  The authors stayed very Biblically accurate and as many as complete paragraphs were taken straight from the Bible.

The many secondary characters were an added richness to the tale. Each of their lives were some how intertwined with Lazarus and Jesus' ministry. The depiction of Jesus' Jewishness was a refreshing aspect. He was shown as a normal Jewish man (partaking in their many customs) and like the wonderful King of the universe at the same time. The authors also included some very profound revelations to the Jewish culture that allowed the reader to connect further with the bible.

As a history lover my obvious favorite thing was the rich historical aspects to this story. If you do not appreciate history as much, this may not be the book for you. I on the other hand very much enjoyed it and would give it a 5 out of 5. 

I received this free copy from Litfuse, in exchange for this independent and unbiased review.

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