Monday, April 22, 2013

Book Review- Sweet Sanctuary

Kim Vogel Sawyer's Sweet Sanctuary is a story of how God works all things out for our good. We see that repeatedly in the lives of both Lydia and Micah as they each face numerous difficulties. For the past four years Lydia has been 'Mama' to her deceased best friend's son. She'll do anything to keep it that way, but when morphine addicted father wants the child back to sell for his evil vice, she doesn't know what to do. Micah on the other hand has secrets of his own. He is part of an secret organization that helps smuggle Jewish children into America. Through many series of hardships, questions, and misunderstandings these two learn that no matter what God has everything in control.

Both Micah and Lydia were credible characters. They were christians with a deep desire to do God's will, and were willing to wait for his voice before going ahead with anything. The characters experienced hurts and were not exempt to bad things happening to them. Their strong Christian faith was both genuine and refreshing to the reader. 

The author presented plausible problems throughout the book. Many times the author threw a curb ball ,but the situations never felt unrealistic or far fetched.  I enjoyed the touch of World War || History included throughout. The author presented the American view of the war quite accurately, many did not know the horrors the Jews faced, and ridiculed them here in America. 

I commend Kim for her well written story. She included credible characters, the Gospel, plausible problems and solutions, woven throughout this story. With the touch of a sweet and realistic romance she merged all the qualities of a well written story into one first-rate book.

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