Saturday, January 19, 2013

Book Review- Secretly Smitten

Welcome all to the romantic capital of the world, Smitten Vermont! In this small cozy town you'll find that love changes everything. We experience five romance, yes five tales of love and mystery!

After reading the blurb of the book I was immediately drawn to it. Secrets in grandma's attic, a forgotten set of dog tags, three young woman in search of love, are all things that will certainly pique your curiosity.

I thoroughly enjoyed the whole mysterious air of the book. It kept me reading long into the night trying to figure things out. I enjoyed many dinners with this family of three generations. The hilarious great aunts down to the young grand daughters were each unique and added a nice spice to the story. Their strong family bonds used to help them to overcome anything, but when a betrayal is found in the midst these woman are at the end of the rope trying survive together.

Secretly Smitten is the second novel to the Smitten Series which was written by four authors Colleen Coble, Kristin Billerbeck, Diann Hunt, and Denise Hunter. Though you noted some differences of the writing styles, they fit very well together completing each other. I enjoyed getting to know each woman with each story. I would have loved to read a complete story of each one, as theie romances seemed way to fast, unrealistic, and left in the air. Being that there were five stories to cram into one, I think the overall product was very well written. My only regret of this story was that the story being focused on the grandma and her mysterious past, is not finished. The last author left you in the limbo, making you guess what the future would hold. 

Overall I enjoyed the short love infused faith filled stories. Would reccomend this book to those who love a quick short romance novel. 

I received this book for free, from both Book Sneeze and Litfuse Publicity, in exchange for this independent and unbiased review. 

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