Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A Prayer for a Friend: Instagram

This is a special prayer for each of my Instagram friends. I tried to pray about specific things that you've shared about your life. I prayed a separate prayer consisting of many of the same things.

@apostolicgirl15- What a blessing to know that God knows everything about you, even when I don't. He knows your name, your age, and your struggles. May He always be your goal that you strive towards. May you feel His love, peace and joy always. As a budding keyboard player, may the Lord continue to use you in the music ministry. 

@hannahsandsfeld- I pray that the Lord may continue to use greatly in His kingdom. As a piano teacher may you be able to teach with excellence and with dilligence. May you always have the patience to deal with each individual person. As a photographer I pray that the Lord may continue to give you fresh ideas and clients.  MayHe give you time for everything you need to do as a Christian, daughter, and sister. May you always know who you are in the Lord. 

@emilysacra- I pray that you may always work with diligence in everything you do. May he prosper you in your job at Chickfilla, may the light of Jesus shine through you. May others be able to see the difference in you. I pray that you may grow deeper in the knowledge of the Lord, in His goodness and faithfulness.

@alexisp70- As your ministry continues to progress in D.R. may you always remember that your first and foremost ministry is in the home. May you continue to be that example of what a godly man is to your boys. May you be that strong head of the household. May you always be guided by the Holy Spirit in even the smallest of things.

@jennifer_blair_ I pray that you may continue in the grace of the Lord. May you always know how to balance your time. May you strive to be that perfect helpmate for your husband. May you be there to lift his tired hands and always be willing to serve him. As a photographer may you continue to be booked up with clients. The Lord bless you in your new home!

@kitkatgrace- I pray that the Lord may bless you richly and abundantly. As you grow up, may you increase in the wisdom of the Lord. May you continue to cultivate your talents as a writer. I pray that the Lord may be able to use you to convey His message in all your writing pieces. May He continue to supply those fresh ideas, and may you overcome any writers block that may try to stop your work.

@madelinehilder- As you continue to grow in knowledge of photography, sewing, and intellectual things, may you continue to grow in the knowledge of Jesus. May you always be sensitive to His voice. May you walk with integrity in all you do. I pray that the Lord may bless your business and give you the skills, time, and dedication to do it to the best of your abilities.

@the_shutter_bug- I pray that whatever you do and strive to be, may be what God wants. May the decision not be what others are doing, what others say to you, not even what you want. May you feel His presence in even the simplicist of tasks that you do. You have a big heart and love for many! May you always let the Lord guide you in every pursuit you want to follow. May you be a leader and never a follower. May you lead many to Christ through your loving disposition.

@his_swordmaiden- May the Lord bless you and keep you may His face shine upon you. I pray that you may feel Christ nearer to you today than ever before. May you have special encounters with him that can testify to His goodness and love. As a designer, photographer, and homeschooler you have a lot on your plate, but I pray that you may continue to grow in your talents and weaknesses. 

@alexajenkins13- As a daughter of the King and daughter of a Pastor, may you always be a worthy example to others. May you always reflect Jesus in all you do. Never negotiate on your principles. As you come to the close of your high-school years may the Lord make clear His path for you. May you always strive to do His will wherever you go.

@alimarie97- As you find yourself in this busy season of life may you always remember your Savior and all that He has brought you through. High school life can be difficult, but in the name of Jesus you can understand and pass all your classes with flying colors. May you lead many of friends to the feet of Jesus.

@kianna_rose- My prayer for you my dear cousin is that you may grow stronger in the Lord. May you continue to experience the beauty of our Savior. May the Lord continue to bless the work of your hands. May He prosper your etsy shop. Through everything that occurs in your life may you always see the Lord's hand in it all.


  1. What a beautiful post Ali! I was edified by the prayers you shared for me and all of your IG friends.

    May the Lord bless you, dear cousin. May you always know that He loves you. May you rest in the shelters of the Almighty. May the talents He has given you be put to use and never, never back down from using them. You are blessed and highly favored :)

  2. Oh, Ali. Thank you SO much!! Your note touched me, and gave me the encouragement I needed.
    You are such a beautiful person, inside and out. Keep using your talents for Him!!

  3. Ali, Thank you so much. You are so sweet! You don't know how much this little note has helped me. :)

    You have such a sweet heart. Keep serving God with all of your heart like you are doing.

  4. Praise the living God for you my daughter! Very edifying post. Prayer is such a wonderful gift the Lord has left for us yet so underrated by many of us. I'm glad to see you use it to bless your friends/brothers and sisters in the Lord! I stand in agreement with you in all your petitions for each one of your instagram friends and their family - trusting that He that begun the work in them and in you is faithful to finish it...

    Love U


"May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart
be pleasing in your sight,
O LORD, my Rock and my Redeemer."
(Psalm 19:14)