Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Fall: Fashion

Fall is here! Though it seems that the leaves have not really gotten the memo, the weather sure did. With fall comes the bringing out the long sleeve shirts, sweaters, leggings, and boots. Just because we have to bundle and layer up does not mean we have to dress frumpyish. We can layer in style, while still being warm. Here are some must have fall items.

1. Boots It is a must getting some good quality boots. So get some really cute boots, that are practical and to your style. I suggest getting a pair of black ones and brown as those are the colors most people wear.

2. Long jean skirts There is something about wearing a long skirt that makes you feel so feminine and girly. Jean skirts and especially long ones are great for fashion and keeping your legs warm, without having to wear leggings (yet). If you know how to mix and match really well, the amount of jean skirts that are necessary are few. It's all about the accessories on top that take the focus off the skirt your wearing.

3. Sweaters/ Cardigans Keeping you warm and stylish.

4. Fall Jacket anyone? This looks so cozy and warm. Best colors to buy are the brightest. One of my fall jackets is red! My mother has one that's bright green, they look cuter in bolder colors, trust me!
5. Scarves help prevent coughs and sniffles:) 

6. Hats and Head wraps...

7. Leggings, leg-warmers, and tights

This became my fashion blog post/ pin board. Well you get the point, dress modestly, according to the weather, and stylish...

*All pictures from Pinterest*

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  1. That Jacket is gorgeous!
    I probably will crochet one of those head wraps. I think they are really cute:)


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