Thursday, October 11, 2012

Book Review- Whispers in the Wind

Lauraine Snelling did a nice job following up on the Wild West Wind series. Though the second book was written about a year later, Whisper in the Wind picked up directly from the previous book. Some things were a bit fuzzy, and hard to remember, but after reading more of the book my mind was refreshed. It was nice to continue ones journey with the mysterious valley, and with Cassie and her sharp shooting skills. 

The first book did not include any romance, action, or suspense, but as I said it was a page turner because you were just waiting for something to happen. This book however, though not a edge of your seat read, was much better. I enjoyed the writing style, it was good paced and easy to read. There was more action, and even a bit of romance included. What is different about Lauraines' writing is that she writes as if you yourself are a partaker in the story. You feel as if you were sitting down to tea with Mavis, tagging along with Chief and Micah, it was not like other writers who make it feel like you are just an onlooker watching an exciting movie. This factor definitely makes up for the things that most readers look for in their books, romance, suspense, and action, to name a few. It is not that this book doesn't have it,  but its not to the same degree as most people use in their story plots. 

I enjoyed Whisper in the Wind and can't wait for the conclusion to the series. Many things are left buried deep in caravan sized holes that I can't wait to dig up. 

I received this book free from Bethany House Publishers in exchange for my honest review.

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