Friday, October 05, 2012

Book Review- You Don't Know Me

Annalise has been in the witness security program for 20 years. Twenty years ago she left everything she knew and everyone she loves. For twenty years she has built the picture perfect family. Being the perfect soccer mom with homemade cookies and soon to be mayors wife, Annalise is far from the troubled teen she was. Know one, not even her husband knows that her testimony put a dangerous criminal behind bars. When her agent comes to town, Annalises' haunting past comes back to catch her. 

You Don't Know Me is your at the edge of your seat, suspense filled, comedy, and romance novel all in one. Susan May Warren complied a very emotionally drawn plot, that either had you crying or laughing. 

The Decker family was so realistic, from the mayoral campaigns, to the homemade dishes, even the volleyball games, it was a joy to journey with them through this wonderful story. I loved the family feel of the book. Each person adds to the web of deception, and intrigue on the readers part. 

Though waiting for the moment of confrontation, you are grieved at all Annalise has gone through in the past 20 years and week. You want everything bad to leave, but at the same time can't wait to fight the bad guys:) If the plot didn't sell you or the characters, then definitely the spiritual lessons. Susan actually had me crying at one point. How she used a sermon to convict/ reveal His love to Annalise was truly beautiful. Throughout the book we see many different forms of deceit and their different consequences. Though Annalises' lie was the main focus, I liked how how the author did not weigh her down and portray her as this big liar. By adding other characters with similar deception situations, created an equally balanced and spiritually building read.

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