Saturday, February 11, 2012

Book Review- Heart of Gold

Although in the midst of the Civil War, Shannon, a true southern belle at heart, knows what sacrifice means. Since the Civil War broke out, her life has been filled with hardships and daily sacrifices. Shannon spends her days nursing  wounded Confederate soldiers. When her father feels called from the Lord to pastor a church in Grand Coeur, Idaho, she feels that leaving her Virginian home is too much of a sacrifice.

Matthew Dubois is the best stagecoach driver for the Wells Fargo Company. He leaves his job temporarily for the sake of his dying, widowed sister and son. As  his time spent with his family increases, he becomes more attached to his new family. While his sister weakens, he comes to the realization that he is about to inherit her son, and his dreams of returning to stagecoach driving are dashed. His only solution may be, to find a wife who will care for the boy.

Despite her initial reluctance to move with her father to Idaho, Shannon ends up leaving with her father. She is determined to change her father's mind about staying. Everything is not up to par compared to her lovely Virginian home. The people are unrefined and the landscape is so rugged. Shannon is definitely out of her comfort zone.

When Matthew and Shannon's paths cross, they are quick to judge one another. Shannon knows Matthew is not a gentlemen. She wants nothing to do with the likes of him. Matthew thinks Shannon is spoiled and thinks her self better than everyone else. However, he thinks she will make a "pretty" good wife.

To be of use, Shannon starts nursing a dying woman, who lost her Union soldier husband. Shannon, a staunch Confederate, wants nothing to do with a Union sympathizer. Alice feels that Shannon is the best choice for a wife for her brother, so she sets out to play matchmaker. As time progresses, Shannon becomes more open and friendly with Alice and her family.

Is it the Lord's plan to unite this very different couple? Will they see one another through the Lord's eyes or each others'? Or will an misunderstanding separate them forever?

The Heart of Gold was a very enjoyable read. Many of the scenes were predictable, but the journey to the end was enjoyable. This book was slow paced, however, it was not boring. I personally found this book to be a very pleasant and inspiring. I enjoyed the fact that the author continuously used the Bible throughout the story. The characters were easy to picture with their many real life emotions and flaws. There was an instant love for the characters, even when some of their bad characteristics came out. This book had just the right amount of romance, suspense, and action to make this book a worthwhile story.

I would recommend this book to all those who want a comfortable read, and not something overly dramatic and action filled. You can purchase this book at CBD or Amazon.

I received this book for free, from BookSneeze, in exchange for my honest opinion.

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