Monday, February 13, 2012

Biblical Romances

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As young women, we can sometimes dream about our future husbands, weddings, and our future love stories. All the dreaming we do can not make it a reality. How wonderful to know that God, the Creator of romance, has already written each of our love stories. None of them are the same, each is different and unique. Many times, throughout the Bible, we see the romantic side of our Lord. Only God could be so creative to make them each unique and special.  

Adam and Eve: They were the first couple ever. I could just picture Adam longing for someone to accompany him, then God giving him Eve. Imagine his first thoughts when he saw Eve. What could Eve been thinking when she first laid eyes on Adam? (It's not like she had any one to compare him to.)

Abraham and Sara: The fact that Sara followed Abraham without question shows her deep love and trust in her husband. Sara demonstrates her love for her husband by wanting to give him a son.  Abraham loved Sara by not taking another wife, even though she was barren.

Isaac and Rebekah: This was a couple that the Lord brought together, from different places. After the death of Isaac's mother, the Bible says that Rebekah was a comfort to him. The Bible states clearly that Isaac loved Rebekah. When Rebekah was barren, the Bible says that Isaac prayed for her, and the Lord opened her womb.

Jacob and Rachel: We could probably say that this couple had a case of love at first sight.  Jacob loved Rachel so much that he was willing to work for her for 7 years, but to him it was but a short time. 

Boaz and Ruth: I personally believe that this is the most romantic story of the Bible, besides God's love for us. Ruth a foreigner, meets a man named Boaz who treats her kindly. Through that kindness they eventually get married. This is a story with a lovely woman and a dashing hero. It is the ideal love story.

David and Michal: Before they were married, Saul finds out that his daughter, Michal is in love with David. We can not fault the girl, the Bible says David was ruddy and handsome. Then when Saul wanted to kill David, Michal warned him and saved his life.

Solomon and the Shulamite: This is a very profound book. Through the descriptions they give each other, we can see their deep affection for one another. 

"I am my lover's and my lover is mine." Songs of Solomon 6:3

Hosea and Gomer: The fact that Hosea married Gomer knowing that she was a prostitute shows his deep and sacrificial love. After he marries her, she turns back to her wicked ways. Later, Hosea goes and redeems her, thus showing such unconditional love towards her.

So ladies, we can plainly see that God is romantic. Of course, these are not all. If it is his will for us to marry, He will write our love story. In fact, he already has your love story written down. All we have to do is walk according to his perfect will.


  1. I love this post, Ali. I didn't realize that there were so many romance stories in the Bible. :)

    ~Godsgirlz1 <3

  2. This was so sweet :) Oh and my mom's theory of how Eve was named "Woman" is that when Adam saw her he was like, "Woah, man!" ;)
    Anyway, I loved all of the examples you gave :)

  3. Thank you for the lovely comments. @trinka tell your mom that was so funny.


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