Friday, March 29, 2013

Book Review- Back Before Dark

Four friends pedal as fast as they can to make it home before dark, when they see a backpack on top of a van. Gordy, wanting to offer his assistance, races to inform the person. Right before there eyes, in broad daylight, their friend is abducted by a masked assailant. Cooper, chasing after the van, tries to keep up but can't out pedal the car. Hours elapse into days without further news of Gordy. Though the police are doing all they can, Cooper and the gang turn to their own investigative methods. 

The author created a strong and unique plot like I have never seen before. The cast was well described throughout the story. With the characters many different personalities they added a lot of dimension. The strong emotions that were presented throughout this book were so real. It was heartbreaking seeing how Cooper handled his grief, but beautiful at the same time. His love for his cousin was so compelling, though it drove him to do some reckless things. 

It was beautiful to see the deep relationships with Jesus these teenagers had. While I shared Coopers grief, sympathized with Lunk's hard lifestyle, or Gordy's terrifying ordeal you would easily find me in tears. This was a very emotional book. I enjoyed all the suspense, action, mystery, lessons, and tears that went with reading this book. 

Though the book spanned only a couple of days it felt much longer to me. I would not say that the story was dragged on, but the amount of action that took place made the time frame seem longer than reality. 

I loved how though the author intended this book to be read by boys and I was able to enjoy it all the same. I would give Back Before Dark a 5 out of 5. 

I received an ARC copy, for free, from Zondervan in exchange for this independent  and unbiased review.

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  1. Thanks, Alicia, for a great review. I'm honored. And I'm so happy to hear how the characters moved you.


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