Saturday, May 17, 2014

EOS V.S. Burt's Bees V.S. Baby Lips

There is nothing worse than having super chapped lips. Chapped lips are something I used to suffer with. I finally decided enough was enough and dedicated myself to finding a cure. Thankfully the prognosis was simply some chap-stick. Over the course of three months (Jan. - Mar.) I have conducted somewhat of an experiment to find the perfect chap-stick. My findings are as follows.

As you can see through the chart, I liked each one for different reasons.

The EOS chap-stick had the overall highest points for each category and rightly so. I was completely happy with it and it worked immediately to repair my lips. Though you may not be able to stick this in your back pocket and run out, the chunky size makes it easy to find in a messy purse. Conveniently enough, the flat base prevents your chap-stick from rolling away.

I liked Burt's Bees a teeny bit more than my EOS because it felt more natural. It scored low on texture not because it was nasty or anything, but because it took some getting used to. Because the base is beeswax, which is known for being quite firm, it took some extra effort to get it on your lips. I enjoyed the continuos moisturized effect it left. 

Baby Lips is a super cute and fun looking chap-stick. Promising smooth soft baby lips, Baby Lips (Quiver) almost made true on their promise. While using this chap-stick I noticed that the outer part of my lips were super soft, but weirdly enough the inner was still dry. It did not last as long as the others so that was set back for me. Because of its oily texture, I wouldn't use this as your staple chap-stick. Overall it is a cute girly chap-stick to keep in your purse and comes in different pigmented and non-pigmented shades. 

NOTE: I am a super chap-stick smearer :) I will coat and re coat my lips until I have a nice layer on top, so the endurance varies from person.

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  1. I like this post Ali! I found you "findings" very helpful too :) I have each of these chap sticks and I think my favorite would be the Baby Lips in Peach Kiss. I like that the EOS is very concentrated but the shape(!) is so inconvenient!

    Will you be doing more of these comparing posts? I really enjoyed it :)


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