Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Free: College Courses

Recently I started this program that offers free college courses. The point of the website is not to give you actual college credits, however it prepares you for college work. The course is very nicely put together. The theme I am working on is English Grammar which is a five week study. Divided into five weeks, the website breaks everything down into a day to day syllabus. They literally tell you when you should do the work:) 
Each lesson has a video lecture with questions in the end, a textbook reading portion, and a journal 'homework' spot. On Fridays you have to 'hand in' an assignment to be graded by peers, while you yourself have to grade five other of your peers work. There also is a discussion board in case you have any questions.
Thus far I've enjoyed the experience. I feel so grown up doing college work, but the actual subject material is things I've been learning, so it is nothing 'new'. Some of the courses are designed for highschoolers and freshmen college students, others you need to meet certain requirements to enter. You do get credits so to speak of and sometimes even a certificate that could go into your portfolio for college applications. Since Junior year is the time where you start applying for colleges and  getting your portfolio ready I feel super excited. I am still not entirely sure of my career path or better said the specific area, but the homeschool clock is ticking away!
I thoroughly enjoy Coursera and if another subject should interest me I see myself doing more courses in the future. 

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  1. Hey Ali!

    Have you heard of Verity Institute? It's a Christian college in Indiana. Two of my sisters went there and majored in English.
    Here's the link:


  2. Hy! I love your blog! Is there a way I can follow it by email?


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