Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Canon vs Nikon- Stella

Today and the last interview comes from Stella. Her blog is one I found about a month or two back. She takes lovely photos, and she does not have either Canon or Nikon! So far we have one "vote"for Nikon from Kiley, and one vote for Canon from Eve. Madeline likes Nikon, but plans to switch. I choose someone that had neither to have a fair opinion:) Enjoy...

What do you use? I use a Panasonic Lumix GF1, and I love it!

What/ Who influenced your decision? My uncle who is a photographer suggested the camera to my mom, and my mom fell in love with the camera! 

Canon or Nikon? Why?  Although Nikon is a good brand, the flash I took with, made the photos look somewhat sloppy and difficult to like. 

Have you shot with the other brand? I've taken with my friend's cameras and some school cameras and I must say that I've had better experiences with Canon. 

What advice would you give to beginners with editing their photos? When it comes to editing, I always focus on colors. There's a function on Photoshop that allows you to choose which specific color scheme you want to follow. Photos follow the color scheme of red, green and blue. What I do is I look at the colors of the photo I have and look for the best combinations among the color schemes. It's not an easy procedure! It's important to remember the theme you want to keep at your photos. I go around the soft, vintage and quiet theme. I'm not a fan of cross processing, they look photos look too loud, which totally contradicts with what I want my photos to look like. Editing is also a matter of preference, I guess.

Attached are some of my latest favorite photos :)

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