Monday, July 02, 2012

Homeschooling 101

The new school year has begun in our home. School in summer! You may ask? Well yes, we basically do school all year round. My mother believes summer is a time where you forget all your school work, thus a hinderance not a benefit. When the new year comes round you spend a great amount of time relearning everything over again. Since we finished early we already had about a month of vacation, still doing some "fun" learning. 

Inside my desk(s)

We have some cute old school style desks that are two desks connected in one!

Since there are 4 quarters that our parents have to send reports, my mom came up with the idea to divide the books by quarter. 

My ultimate Homeschool Planner and Blog calendar!

A few of my notebooks with labels

Coordinating folders to match.

Where'd we be without our handy tools?

Study Helps

Greek and Latin spelling root words

I am currently doing this for Bible.

As you already noticed there is a lot of color in my supplies. We decided to color coordinate our subjects to help keep everything organized. The new school year has begun and I am excited to learn more and more. To grow in wisdom of not only secular knowledge but in the eternal aswell. This is another year to begin anew! 

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  1. That homeschool calendar/ blog calendar is so cute! Looks like you are ready for a new school year!


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