Saturday, July 28, 2012

Birthday Blessings

Time has been flying. It feels like it was just the Fourth of July. Now its my birthday, today. Fifteen years of blessings, growth, love, and much more... Yesterday (Friday) my parents took me on some pre- birthday fun!

This is the story why my parents are the greatest. For some time, I've really wanted a camera. Since I wanted to learn the basics of photography, I wanted an upgraded point and shoot camera, from the one I already have.

For my pre-birthday my parents took me to B&H to buy me a camera! If you think my story is done, it's not. We looked at the model I had wanted to buy myself. Then my mom steered me towards the DSLR cameras! I was looking at the Canon T3 and was so surprised that my parents were actually willing to buy me it. Any other person would have discarded the thought of the point and shoot and gotten the T3, but here is why I did not choose it. First, my new point and shoot has the same qualities and even better zoom than the T3 with the standard lens. Lastly, even though a DSLR camera takes better quality photos, my mom has the T3i so I can use that one. Neither my mom nor I know how to mess with manual, so there would be two big DSLR on trips and events shooting in automatic. This point and shoot allows you to mess with ISO and aperture, so I can learn on my camera and my mom's. When I am fully ready I can buy a nice "big" camera.

I love my parents, and am so grateful that money is no object to them when it comes to surprises. I love the fact that they were willing to buy me what ever camera I wanted. I love that they totally surprised me. I LOVE my parents!

More birthday presents from parents and lil' sis.

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