Monday, September 19, 2011

Rachel or Leah?

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A while ago my mother and I were talking about the Bible characters Rachel and Leah. They are two very interesting women. Would you not like to be the younger, more beautiful sister of the two?  Rachel was the beautiful shepherdess. Leah was just the plain older sister. Naturally, we as young girls want to be like Rachel since she had everything "good" in her favor. Many times we look down on Leah and forget her good qualities.  Before we can look at the good in her, we should first review her past.

Leah was the older sister of the two. She was expected to marry first. However, that was not the case because she was not born with a lovely form nor beautiful like her sister (Genesis 29:17). Every man wants to marry a woman  with good qualities and looks. However, no one wanted to marry Leah.  She was unloved by every man including her father. As soon as he saw a way to get rid of Leah, he jumped on it. He did not even take her feelings into consideration. 

The Lord saw that she was unloved by her husband Jacob, so He blessed her with children. She bore Jacob many sons while her lovely sister did not. The Lord honored her by giving her six sons and one daughter. When Rachel died, she was buried on the side of the road. When Leah died, she was buried in the cave that Abraham bought for Sara's burial. The patriarchs were all buried there with their wives. Even though Rachel was the wife Jacob loved; Leah was the wife that was buried in the family tomb. Therefore, Leah was buried with honor. 

The first king of Israel was from the tribe of Benjamin. Benjamin was the second and last son Rachel had. We all know that because of Saul's disobedience God took him off the throne and gave it over to someone else. David was the new king and was from the tribe of Judah.  
According to 1 Kings 2:45 "David's throne will reamain secure before the Lord forever."
So the kingdom was given over to a descendant of Leah's son. Jesus was born from the tribe of Judah. Since He is the Alpha and Omega, His kingdom will last for ever thus, fulfilling His promise to King David.  Leah was highly honored to have the Messiah come from her lineage.

In conclusion, we should not look down on Leah. She was a woman not accepted by society. She was a woman that was unloved and not outwardly beautiful. God still loved and accepted her just the way she was. She was a women honored by God and later by man.

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