Monday, February 18, 2013

How To Get Free Books

You've heard the saying nothing in life is free. With our economy as it is, it could be said its a true one. While there is some truth in it, I also found an exception. 

Books. Free books! Wouldn't you love to get the newest christian fiction titles for free? Well continue reading and you'll be well on your way to some free books*. 

What's with the star, you're probably asking yourself? Continue reading and you'll see why. 

Each company gives their own "How To" but here is one to convince how free is really free:)

The Rules: There are many different companies that provide you with the free books, but before we get to those here are the basic rules. (Each company differs but basically require the same.) 

First of all you must have an active blog established. Active as in you post somewhat regularly. Your blog does not have to be dedicated just for books, it can be your average daily diary one too. Blog? check. (Some companies require a certain amount of blog posts before you can join.) 

Once you sign up to the programs and they accept you are one step closer to those books. Keeping in mind that the rules differ slightly, not all the companies function the same. You are allowed to pick any book you want. You do not have to choose a book you do not want to read.

While you may be so book happy at the prospect of the free books, here comes that *. The one condition to the free books is that you give your honest review of the book you received. If you did not like it you can say so in your review without fear of being kicked out. 

Once you write your review, you must post it on your blog, on a consumer website (CBD, Amazon, etc.) and onto the programs website. 

How easy is that! I hope you don't let this awesome opportunity pass. I've enjoyed these programs immensely!

Next we can move on to the companies. These are a few that I enjoy:


Hope you enjoy your FREE BOOKS!

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  2. Alicia,
    I just started reading your blog yesterday, and became intrigued by these book reviews you have done to get books. I immediatly wanted to do it! God must have lead you to post this today to help me get started!


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