Monday, June 23, 2014

SAT For Homeschoolers!

Being a homeschool student myself, and one who has recently taken the SAT, I decided to share some tips and helpful information for those considering taking it. 

I would highly recommend for you to get one of those huge SAT study books. They do a great job of preparing you for the types of  (essay practice, math, reading and writing) problems to be seen on the test.   Because those College Board or Kaplan study books are so expensive, ranging in the twenties, I would recommend for you to go to your thrift store and find one there. I was able to by a Kaplan 2012 edition for only $2.00!

While thrifting, I also found Kaplan SAT flashcards for $2.00 aswell. 

I found this youtube channel to be very helpful for me with my math prep.

This is a great website to use for studying your vocabulary. A lot of the words that showed up on the test were used in the website! 

The College Board app is also a great resource to use. A daily question in either the writing, reading, or math section is given to test your knowledge in each category. 

Since everything is timed I felt rather rushed and unprepared mentally for that. I would definitely advise you to take a practice test with the corresponding time so that you can have an accurate feel on test day.

Prayer is such a powerful tool. I had a lot of people cover the test in prayer so I knew that God was with me  during it. 

-Take the test with someone else. I was able to go with a friend and that was really a blessing and a nerve soother. Even though we weren't in the same room because they separate you based on your last name, it was reassuring to know she was there taking the test too! 

Do not bring a mechanical NO. #2 pencil those are not allowed, but rather the standard sharpen your pencil NO. #2 type! I found that out on the test day and had to borrow one from the teacher. The pencil she gave me barely had a point and that really added to my nerves. 

Forget all those outlining and penmanship classes you took previously when doing the essay. Time really flew by for me during the essay part. I was informed that to get somewhat of a good grade you have to minimally write a page but preferably two. So choose your argument and write like the wind!!!! 

Though they tell you to bring a snack, I don't think it very necessary. I brought a smoothie and did not even drink it, because I was not hungry and I did not want to use the bathroom.

Really try to skip using the bathroom. (I know its a long test.) While using the bathroom there was a huge line and I came back not even five minutes later and was a bit late for the next test section.

These were the study materials I used and things I learned while taking the test. I hope it was beneficial for someone who is in the process of taking there SAT exam. If you have any further questions send me an email or leave a comment below.  


  1. Thanks for the tips! I am taking the test myself this fall, so that will be helpful. I did already take the PSAT last year, though, so that will help prepare me.

  2. I'm so glad I was able to be of some help. I pray that The Lord may help you and that you get a great score. Blessings!


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O LORD, my Rock and my Redeemer."
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