Monday, April 07, 2014

Book Review- Destination Unknown

It’s senior year, and Whitney Richards is tired of the constant pressures to be perfect. When she gets a D in Calculus, her mother immediately hires a tutor, worried Whitney won’t get into the “right” college---her alma mater---with imperfect grades. Her tutor, Taylor, is a quiet, mysterious boy who is unlike anyone Whitney has met before. But Taylor’s rougher upbringing has her mother and friends discouraging any type of relationship. Tired of having to play a part for everyone else, Whitney quits the cheerleading squad that once defined her social identity, and begins spending more time with Taylor. Her mom and friends worry Whitney is making a huge mistake, and even Taylor begins to show concern for some of her choices. But for the first time, Whitney is in the driver’s seat of her life. Will she be able to find her identity---and God’s plan for her life---before she throws everything away?

As I head towards the finishing high-school and getting closer to college stage, this book really seems  to resonate with me. Amy Clipston took your average perfect cheerleading teen with the privileged lifestyle and overbearing parents and transformed it to a real life story.

Whitney is a very hard character to describe. She has good intentions, likable, naive, and a tad bit spoiled. At times you applauded her for her change in character and other times you wondered what is going on with her.

Throughout this story I kept on wondering if this family really had a relationship with Jesus would they act this way. Would the mother be so overbearing and judgmental? Would Whitney be friends with who she was with, lie to her mother, and feel so overwhelmed. Whitney did pray in the book, but if she had a true relationship with the Lord she could have avoided so much hurt. 

Though the man focus of the story was finding your identity many other lessons are also presented. The importance of truth, handling
betrayal, good friendships, and getting closer to the Lord.

I really enjoyed the applicable plot, the overall message of the importance of finding your identity, and the many sub-messages. It is an easy to follow story that hopefully will help to draw you closer to your parents, friends, and most importantly God.

I received a complimentary copy of this book, from Zondervan, in exchange for this independent and unbiased review. 


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