Monday, August 26, 2013

Book Review: Bible Study

Guest post: Karen 

In Thirty Days of Bible Study for Busy Mamas: Colossians 3, Pam Forester seeks an "inspiring, in-depth Bible study, five minutes at a time." I would have to agree that she accomplished two out of the three goals for this book. 

Being familiar with Pam Forester, I knew this book would provide plenty of suggestions for mom on how to carve out some time to do Bible study. I also foreshadowed her giving a list of additional resources and tools to facilitate Bible Study. In accord with her other studies, she also provided lots of ideas on how to engage one's children, both young and old, into Bible study. These are trademarks of her materials I have come to know and expect from this author. 

I thoroughly enjoyed this study. The author packs a lot into the day's study. She does not offer (a lot) of commentary but rather lets the student find the jewels in the text. She often included self-reflection questions and prayer prompts which further enriched the study. 

The only thing I would have to strongly caution is the amount of time each assignment takes. I could not finish the assignments in five minutes. Although the author does provide catch up days (which can also be used for further/deeper study), on a daily basis the assignments require anywhere from 15-20 minutes. Although this was not a problem for me, it may discourage other students who can not spend "extra" time in the Word. 

Overall, this study was enjoyable and insightful. It encourages one to dig deeper into the Scriptures providing lots of resources, tools, and knowledge of the importance to make time for the studying of the Scriptures.

I received a complimentary copy from BookCrash in exchange for this independent and unbiased review. 

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